Tuerong Farmhouse

A farmhouse renovation situated on the Mornington Peninsula, inland above the coastline and sited on the perfect combination of bushland and sea-farm all melding together to create a horse hobby farm and oasis from the CBD. The project pays homage to the Australian rural context the house sits upon.

Our palette celebrates the houses relationship with nature and draws on the greens in the eucalyptus trees and blues from the seascape. We added restrained pattern using botanical wallpapers which added another layer to the finishes. We loved collaborating with local artisans who designed custom pieces such as the bespoke plate collection in the kitchen, and the hand beaten stair balustrade.

The interiors were stripped back whilst retaining some key features like the limestone floors. We added materials such textured renders and sourced reclaimed French beams from a wrecker’s yard which added history and integrity.

Drawing influence from various Architectural styles to create something unique, we found a harmonious balance between a modern and decorative style. We have succeeded in creating liveable spaces and a refuge from city life throughout the Melbourne seasons. Spaces are cleverly filled with personal collections that enable the owners to find more of themselves, whilst avoiding superfluous clutter. There is space for everything and an unseen energy surrounding objects.

Photography Lisa Cohen

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