Martin Street Residence

Martin Street Residence

The objective in renovating this bayside residence was to create a family home that could give back through good design and attention to detail. It was a canvas that would house the collections of the owners and reflect the experiences they had shared. The house, being close to both water and nature were both influential and a large part of this orientation and position played out in the interiors which reflect just that.

We wanted layers, moods, and emotion to come through the spaces in order to nurture warmth and expression. The house had to balance theatrics and practicality, whilst being timeless and avoiding fast moving trends.

The Architecture was both clean and classic, and the bones were full of potential with great scale, proportion, and high ceilings to play with. Natural light flooded the rear of the house where the family spent most of their time together in the kitchen and living areas.

Coupling elements both new and old, we sought to balance the spaces original architecture with modern aspects, bringing current relevancy to the project. Natural light flooded the living spaces, and the layout was, practically speaking, entirely fit for family life. I saw it as a modern-day townhouse by the sea. It had both open and flexible spaces for both communal and private living.

We achieved the creation of a home in Melbourne that celebrates both family life and personal solitude and the need for both that this family required.

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